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陳珮茜 Keiko Chan

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陳氏是一位經驗豐富的舞台管理,擁有超過十年的專業經驗。 畢業於愛丁堡納皮爾大學國際節日與活動管理榮譽學士學位,以及香港演藝學院,主修藝術、項目及舞台管理。陳氏曾成功主辦超過500場演出,曾合作團體包括:香港中樂團、香港藝術節、西九文化區戲曲中心、鄧樹榮劇場工作室、劇場工作室、進劇場、非凡美樂;香港歌劇院等。曾協助舉辦超過16,000名觀眾大型活動。對舞台和技術藝術方面有著豐富的知識,並熟悉行業趨勢。

Keiko Chan is an experienced stage manager with over ten years of professional experience. She holds a BA (Hons) in International Festival and Event Management from Edinburgh Napier University and graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in Arts, Event and Stage Management. Chan has successfully organised over 500 performances and demonstrated proficiency in stage management for various presenters, including the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Hong Kong Art Festival, West Kowloon Culture District - Xiqu Centre, Tang Shu-Wing Theatre Studio, Drama Gallery, Theatre du Pif, Musicaviva, and Opera Hong Kong. She is skilled in production engagement, with a track record of achieving mega events with over 16,000 attendees. Chan has a rich knowledge of stage and technical art aspects and is well-versed in industry trends for successful event production management.

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