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陳斯琹 Zeta Chan

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畢業於澳洲La Trobe University主修傳理系及電影系。回港後於不同製作公司擔任助理編導及幕後工作,如電視、電影、廣告及活動統籌。近年於不同劇團擔任後台工作。於2013-2015年期間為中英劇團駐團執行舞台監督。 近年參與執行舞台監督製作包括進念‧二十面體 《道可道Fashion道》、《審判2021》、《驚夢二三事》... ; 鄧樹榮戲劇工作室《超自然之戀》、《兩夫妻》; 其他劇團製作包括西九文化區《100% Hong Kong》、香港視覺藝術中心《急救箱與許願池》、《籠裡的十八種風景》等。現為全職自由身工作者。

Zeta graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies & Cinema Studies. She has worked for various production companies, in field like television, film, advertising and event management. She was the Deputy Stage Manager of Chung Ying Theatre Company in 20013-2015.

Recent works include The Tao Of Fashion, The Trial 2021, 2 or 3 Things About The Interrupted Dream etc. by Zuni Icosahedron; Larger Than Life, Scenes From A Marriage by TANG SHU-WING THEATRE STUDIO. Other theatre productions include 100% Hong Kong by West Kowloon Cultural District, Emergency Kit & Wishing Pool and 18 Scenes in a cage by Hong Kong Visual Arts Center. She is currently a freelancer.

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