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陳力恒 Jacky Chan

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陳力恒先生自 2004年於香港演藝學院畢業後,加入了全亞洲最大型的煙花節目製作公司,並擔任該公司的技術經理;至2008年,創立了「金舞台技術有限公司」,公司專門為不同類型的表演項目提供特別效果、煙火及技術管理等服務。
在過去十數年間,陳先生參與了多個表演節目,並在不同的表演場地提供煙火及特別效果,為成干上萬的人帶來了壯觀的娛樂。陳先生亦曾為數以千計大大小的煙火製作項目提供技術管理的工作,當中包括《幻彩詠香江》、《IFC 除夕倒數幕牆煙火匯演》、《香港回歸十週年煙花匯演》、《農曆新年花車巡遊》、《越南峴港國際煙花比賽》、《時代廣場倒數》等等。
除了煙火製作外,陳先生亦在無數演唱會及直播演出上,展現了自己在其他特別效果範疇上的專業和實力,當中包括《Twins LOL Live Around the World 世界巡迴演唱會》、《郭富城舞林密碼世界巡迴演唱會 2019》、《張學友 A Classic Tour 巡迴演唱會 2016-2017》等等。

Jacky Chan is one of the founders of Stage Tech Limited, the company specializes in special
effects, pyrotechnics and technical management of various events.
Before devoting his work life to Stage Tech Limited, Jacky started his career professional as the
Technical Manager of the largest fireworks event production company in Asia after his
graduation from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2004.
For the last 10 years, Jacky’s works thrilled and entertained thousands of people with his
spectacular blend of pyrotechnics and technical effects at various attractions. Jacky has taken
part in the technical management for more than 1,000 pyrotechnic productions in different
scale of events across Asia, such as 《A Symphony of Lights Pyrotechnic Display》,《IFC
Countdown Façade Pyrotechnic Show》,《The 10th Anniversary of the Establishment of the
HKSAR》《, Chinese New Year Parade》《, Danang International Fireworks Competition》《, Times
Square Countdown》etc..
Apart from the sector of pyrotechnic productions, Jacky demonstrated himself a special effects
expert at numerous concerts and live shows, including《Twins LOL Live Around the World
2015-2019》,《Aaron Kwok de Aa Kode World Tour 2019》,《Jacky Cheung A Classic Tour
He is also enthusiastic in sharing his extensive experiences and knowledge in the field. Apart
from taking up the voluntary position as the Vice-Chairman (External Affairs) of The Hong
Kong Association of Theatre Technicians & Scenographers (HKATTS), he is also a guest speaker
at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts since 2008 , various organizations and
government bodies.

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