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黎蘊賢  - 視覺顧問

Orlean Lai - Visual Consultant

黎蘊賢,獨立策劃人及製作人,成立 orleanlaiproject,強調「混雜協作」的跨域合作,探索不同展現方式的混種可能,模糊藝術類型框框、媒界的分野。2019 年成立新機構 No Discipline Limited,更邀請不同文化藝術工作者參與,聯合策劃不同項目,以更寬闊視點去討論當代藝術/演出的理解與實驗。


Orlean 為 2016 年亞洲文化協會年度獎助金得主。


Orlean Lai is an independent curator and creative producer from Hong Kong. She has founded her production unit – orleanlaiproject to focus on curating hybrid collaborations across arts genre, in exploring new possibility of presentation formats and fuse the boundary of art forms and mediums.  In 2019, she founded a new organisation – No Discipline Limited, and has invited different arts practitioners to share the curatorial in widening discussion and perspective on the contemporary arts/performance practice.


Orlean was Asian Cultural Council Fellowship recipient of 2016. /

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