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陳家俊 - ​機械設計 

Joseph Chan - Mechanical Designer

「奇怪的機器」—— 陳氏這樣稱呼他創作的機器。作為一個動態裝置藝術家,他的作品透過呈現及強調機器的設計及運作,旨在顯現機器本身。相對於作為工具的「日常機器」,陳氏的「奇怪機器」往往更具機械感、作為機械往往更符合直覺,然而卻又弔詭地更令人好奇:「這是甚麼」。



"Strange machine" - this is how Chan called the machines he created. As a kinetic art artist, Chan's work aims to reveal the machine itself by presenting and emphasizing the design and operations of the machine. As opposed to the "ordinary machine", Chan's "strange machine" tend to be more mechanical and could easily being recognized as a machine. But paradoxically, it also makes people easier to ask: "What is this?"

The types of machines Chan created include bird automaton, orrery, time machine, marble machine, transforming machine, and walking machine. Living in one of the most international cities, his designs are deeply influenced by the multicultural background. He was graduated from the School of Creative Media in the City University of Hong Kong. From making racing game with motion chairs for the local museums to building a large kinetic artwork for Singapore Changi Airport, he has worked as a new media creator for many years and has recently focus on creating his own "Strange machines".

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