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謝沅珩 - 監製

Tse Yuen Hang, Denise - Producer



謝氏畢業於香港大學,主修比較文學及地理。獲演藝學院友誼社全額獎學金於香港演藝學院取得舞台及製作(藝術及項目管理)碩士學位。其後獲選參與香港藝術發展局「Sage Gateshead 實習計劃」,赴蓋茲黑德著名音樂教育、表演及會議中心工作,並拜訪英國各大文化機構領袖。曾參與及籌劃項目包括:布拉格劇場設計與空間四年展 – 香港館、華文戲劇節、香港大學百週年校慶、香港展能藝術會藝術通達研究項目、香港音樂劇藝術學院《会社人間》、《遊 · 戲西環》城市互動文化活動、澳門《三盞燈的藝術食堂》、《渡》舞蹈劇場上海公演等 。




Cultural manager and performer, born and bred in Hong Kong.


Ms Tse graduated from The University of Hong Kong with a double major in Comparative Literature and Geography. She later obtained her MFA in Arts & Event Management at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with full-tuition scholarship. She was awarded “Sage Gateshead Internship” by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council. Apart from her work at the international venue for music education, performance and conference, she also visited cultural leaders across the United Kingdom. Ms Tse was previously engaged in organising a wide range of cultural projects: Prague Quadrennial – Hong Kong Pavilion, The Chinese Drama Festival, HKU100 Celebrations Series, ADAHK Arts Accessibility Research Project, The White Collar Principle: A Musical Fable, Play. Ground Sai Wan urban arts education programme, Art Buffet in Three Lamps in Macau, Du Dance Theatre re-run in Shanghai.


Ms Tse is currently a Walt Disney Imagineer, mainly producing creative design projects in the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, striving to maintain excellent guest experiences and advocating for diversity and inclusion. She is also a Disney Traditions Trainer and member of the Disney VoluntEARS Leadership Committee.

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