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方曉丹 - 影像設計

Dan Fong - Video Designer

畢業於香港城市大學創意媒體學院,現為數碼視覺藝術家及錄像設計師,熱愛透過不同的媒體平台進行影像設計與實驗。多年來一直參與演唱會及劇場的視效 / 錄像設計及製作,劇場合作單位包括進念‧二十面體、風車草劇團、W 創作社等,演出曾巡迴多個亞洲城市。自 2010 年起,方一直與多個著名歌手合作,擔綱演唱會現場視覺效果設計,包括林子祥、楊千嬅、謝安琪、陳慧嫻、周柏豪、張敬軒、梁漢文、周國賢、觸執毛樂隊、薛之謙、SHINE、林宥嘉及田馥甄等。執導音樂錄像作品包括盧凱彤的《還不夠遠》、觸執毛樂隊的《8》以及 TFVSJS 樂隊的《Shrine of our despair》。

Graduated from School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, and currently a digital visual artist and visual designer. Fong is passionate towards visual experiments on various media platforms all these years and works with many different creative units from theatre to popular music industry includes Zuni Icosahedron, Windmill Grass Theatre and W Theatre etc.   


His works have been shown in many internationally toured events, and he started in collaboration with various pop singers and involved in their video/ visual design for their concerts since 2010, collaborating pop singers include Miriam Yeung, George Lam, Priscilla Chan, Pakho Chau, Hins Cheung, Edmond Leung, Endy Chow, Chochukmo, Joker Xue, Yoga Lin, Hebe Tan, Kay Tse, SHINE etc.  He also starts doing music video directing since 2014, his current works include Ellen Loo’s Darling, Chochukmo’s 8 and TFVSJS’s Shrine of out despair.

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