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Speaker: Billy Wong

畢業於香港演藝學院主修燈光技術,憑舞蹈作品《翻卷》榮獲香港舞蹈年獎 2017 - 傑出燈光設計;同年憑發明《攜帶型色紙裁切器》榮獲由國際組織 OISTAT 舉辦的 2017 TIP 劇場創新發明獎 - 佳作/榮譽表揚。


在學期間曾獲頒數個獎學金。黃氏更於 2010-2011 年度獲得美國 Electronic Theatre Controls 贊助前往美國參觀全球最大型燈光展覽會之一 LDI;並成為首位獲得該贊助而在亞洲學習的亞洲學生。畢業前後曾參與日本瀨戶內國際藝術祭 2010、中房総國際藝術祭 2014、越後妻有大地藝術祭 2018;此外,曾自主策劃燈光裝置藝術展覽《畢業•了》(2011)、《臨摹》(2013);參與《無題》(2019) 及《私密房間》(2020)。


畢業後曾以燈光編程員、助理/執行燈光設計身份於亞洲地區(包括日本、新加坡、台灣及中國)參與不同巡迴演出,團隊包括「非常林奕華」、「香港話劇團」、「中英劇團」、「神戲劇團」及以義工燈光人員身份參與「Watoto 兒童合唱團」(烏干達)的亞洲巡迴演出。

近年舞台燈光設計作品包括舞蹈《翻卷》, 《Children of War》; 音樂劇:《我是王?》; 話劇:《潘霍華的情書》; 多媒體音樂會: 《塑》等... 其他舞台燈光製作包括《穿 KENZO 的女人》、《回憶的香港》、《大 MK 日》、《一水藍天》、《科學怪人.重生》、《百花亭


Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts majored in Lighting Technology. Billy was awarded the ‘Outstanding Lighting Design’ of the year with ‘Sweep’ in the 19th Hong Kong Dance Awards (2017). And ‘Honourable Mention’ with his invention ‘The Portable Colour Filter cutting track’ in the Technical Invention Prize 2017 organized by the OISTAT.

During his studies, he was given some scholarships. He was also sponsored by the Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) to the LDI, one of the world's biggest lighting Expositions, becoming the first Asia studying student who got this

Artistically, he took part in the ‘Setouchi International Art Festival 2010’, ‘Ichihara Art x Mix 2014’ in Japan, ‘Optical Effect’ (2019) and ‘The Private Room’ (2020); self-initiated lighting installations ‘Project•Graduation’ (2011) and ‘Imitate’ (2013). For Theatre and Concerts, he had been touring as Lighting Programmer, Assistant/Associate Lighting Designer around Asia, including: Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and PRC. He was touring with teams and companies such as: Edward Lam Dance Theatre, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, Dionysus Contemporary Theatre, Watoto Children's Choir (Uganda, as Volunteer Lighting Personnel) and Akira Takimoto Ministry (Japan).

His Lighting Design works include: Dance: ‘Sweep’, ‘Children of War’; Musicals: ‘Am I King?’ ; Drama: ‘Bonhoeffer in Love’ ; MultiMedia Concerts: ‘Sculpturesque’, etc.. His other works in lighting include 'The Woman in KENZO', ‘Never Ending Hong Kong' , ‘Big MK Day' , ‘A tale of the southern sky’, ‘Frankenstein: Relive’, ‘Pavilion of a Hundred Flowers (Reboot)’, ‘Avenue Q’ (Hong Kong, English Version), ‘Peter Pan’ (Peking, Immersive Theatre),...

Billy is now freelancing as Lighting Artist and Theatrical Lighting Programmer.
Enjoy! And God bless.


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