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楊振業 - 程式設計/影像設計/劇場導演

Adrian Yeung - Programmer / Video Designer / Theater Director


劇場導演作品包括:《給下一輪 (虛擬) 盛世的備忘錄》(2021) ,揉合虛擬現實和沉浸式體驗劇場;《禁式極樂園》(2017),探討虛擬現實的道德底線;《摩登時代》(2016),以經典默片演員差利卓別靈為靈感,重新演譯現代網絡虛擬版本的《摩登時代》;《小津風景》(2015),以現場拍攝重現小津安二郎的靜謐優雅的電影美學;《安東尼奧尼猜想》(2012),以意大利電影導演安東尼奧尼作品《春光乍洩》為靈感,以劇場手法質問現今社會影像的真實性。 



楊氏的作品多探索新科技於劇場創作的應用,運用開放源碼、流動電話、立體投影、動作捕捉、現場剪接等技術,檢視媒體化的真實世界與劇場或舞蹈本質的關係。例如他與藏族編舞家桑吉加的合作中,他自行研發一個演出時可作即時剪接和特別效果的軟件, 將現場的舞蹈提升至一個電影的觀賞經驗。在他與梁基爵的合作,他研發出一個網絡系統,使音樂家能與觀眾的手機即時互動,使整個觀眾席成為一個聲音裝置。


2014 獲得亞洲文化協會的獎助,往美國紐約考察當地新媒體與劇場藝術。2018-2020 年任職香港演藝學院科藝製作系高級講師(媒體設計)。


Yeung Chun Yip Adrian is one of Hong Kong’s most active independent multimedia designers and director in the performing arts. Yeung was originally trained in computer engineering at the University of Hong Kong where he graduated in 1998. He worked as a software engineer prior to becoming a full-time multimedia designer in the early 2000s. Since 2007, Yeung has contributed to over 50 productions and collaborated with prominent artists and arts groups from theatre, dance and music in Hong Kong. 


He directed “m@rc0 p0!0 endg@me” (給下一輪 (虛擬) 盛世的備忘錄) in 2021 which provide hybrid narrative experience to the audience combining VR technology and live performance. In 2017 he directed Jennifer Haley‘s  “The Nether” (禁式極樂園), received critical acclaim for the examination of the current ethical issue of latest virtual reality technology. From 2012 to 2016, Yeung directed a series of works, experimenting the boundary between theatre and film. Inspired by the life and films of legendary comedian Charlie Chaplin, he directed “Modern Times” (2016), exploring the motion capture technology with mime movement. In “Landscape of Ozu” (2015) and “Antonioni Conjecture”(2012), Yeung used live camera technology on stage to recreate the aesthetics of famous film director Yasujiro Ozu and Michelangelo Antonioni. 


His works explore new technologies within the context of theatre production. He examines the relationship between the world of mediated reality and the liveness of performances, with the technologies like open source programming, mobile phone, projection mapping, motion capture, multiple live camera, etc. For example, in his collaborations with Sang Ji-jia, he developed his own software to control multiple cameras with live effect and editing and different layers of projection mapping, which heighten the choreography to cinematic experience. And in his work with Gaybird Leung, he developed a network system allowing the artist to interact with the audience using the smartphone creating a soundscape in the whole auditorium. 


He was awarded an ACC fellowship in 2014 to further develop his abilities in this regard while exploring cutting-edge advances in the field of new media in the U.S. 

He was senior lecturer (media design) in school of Theatre and Entertainment Arts of Hong Kong Performing Arts Academy from 15 Jan 2018 to 31 Aug 2020.

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