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Lam Long Fung, Ronly

畢業於香港演藝學院, 獲頒舞台及技術管理系 (榮譽) 學士學位, 在學期間曾獲頒最佳製作經理之獎項。曾參與多個舞台製作。近期參與製作有: 奇想偶戲劇團《水果七友 3-勇闖菠蘿的海!》; METROHOLIK STUDIO <康橋的告別式>, <突然獨身>, <一丁點>, <床前十分>; ACTORS’ SQUARE <火鳳燎原>, <波音情人>, <偷窺>, <作死>; 藝君子劇團 <Forget Me Not>, <捉你生日快樂>, <恐怖罐頭 >, <竹林深處強姦>; Shakespeare for All <Macbeth> ,  <Romeo&Juliet> ; 夢飛行合家歡劇團 <花木蘭> ; 小息跨媒介創作室 <清醒做夢時間> ; 法國五月藝術節 Invitation to Voyage> ; iStage <超齡發夢王>, <獨座婚姻介紹所> ; 香港戲劇協會 <兒欺> ; 中英劇團 <恐懼教室> ; 第 55 屆香港學校舞蹈節及國際綜藝合家歡等。林亦致力於舞台管理教育項目, 由 2008 年起分別受邀於不同組織作教學工作, 其中包括聯校製作 (JSDP), Teens Theatre 及 DGS 女子中學等。此外, 林亦曾參與多個商業製作項目, 務求將舞台管理應用至商業製作之上。林現為自由身舞台工作者。

Graduated in the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring Stage and Technical Management Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons). involved numerous productions, such as: Fantansy Puppet Theatre <The Great Advanture of Pineapple Sea>; Metroholik Studio <Suddenly Single>; Actors’ Square <Boeing Boeing>, <Peek a hole>, <Death>; Artocrite Theatre <Forget me Not>, <Scary Can>, <Bamboo>; Music Quotient <Bluebird of Happiness>; Shakespeare 4 All <Macbeth>, <Romeo & Juliet> ; The Theatre Wonderland <Mulan> ; Littlebreath Creative Workshop <Only When You Sleep, it works> ; Le French May <invitation to Voyage> , iStage <Offlihne Dreamer>, Hong Kong Federation of Drana Societies <Luna Gale>, 55th Schools Dance Festival Competition and International Art Carnivals etc. Starting from 2008, Ronly Lam was invited to be the tutor for Stage Management for several organization such as JSDP (Joint School Drama Production), Teens Theatre, DGS Secondary School etc. Furthermore, Ronly Lam has been participating dozens of commercial events, expanding the horizons of stage management into others fields. Ronly Lam is now a freelance Stage/Production Manager.

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