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2020 一日科藝

A Day of Technical Arts 2020

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舞台前後 抗疫無分你我

回顧前瞻 紀錄一日科藝

HKATTS 有感新型肺炎疫情再三肆虐,劇場前景未明,為鼓勵刻苦抗疫中的舞台幕後技術及設計人員,推出「一日科藝」計劃。

劇場 0923 的生活,既有辛酸時候,亦有快樂回憶。HKATTS 邀請了本會專業會員,以及各位業界人士,運用大家的專業經驗,以一幀照片、一篇文字、一個影像、一段聲音或一幅圖畫,闡述大家一日的科藝生活。​不論擔任過舞台幕後任何崗位、任何資歷,都可以參與「一日科藝」計劃。成功遞交作品後,本會會向每位參加者發放資助金額港幣三千元,以答謝大家的參與。

大家的作品,亦於 HKATTS 的 Facebook 專頁及 Instagram 發佈。






Fight-the-Pandemic Supporting Project

A Day of Technical Arts

Over the past months performing venues have been shut down and the date to re-open is unclear, with performances forced to postpone or cancel indefinitely; our technical arts professionals, mostly freelancers, have been severely affected.  With this in mind, the Hong Kong Association of Theatre Technicians & Scenographers (HKATTS) launched a supporting project "A Day of Technical Arts”.

The purposes of this project is to ease the financial pressure of affected technical arts professionals; to encourage them to continue their creative work; to provide an open platform to display their creative works outside the theatre; and to prepare for a coming project of HKATTS “Technical Arts Festival”.

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