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佈景及服裝設計 Set and Costume Design


除了不同藝團設計舞台佈景及服裝,亦致力將裝置藝術與舞台設計融合。個人裝置藝術作品曾於Soho House Hong Kong及香港藝術中心展出。2022年初,與Picture Rhythm Studio 合作,裝置藝術作品入選香港建築師學會舉辦之展覽《越界—回憶實現變進》,並先後於紐約、北京、杭州、上海及香港作巡迴展出。


Graduated from Hong Kong Design Institute with Higher Diploma in Stage and Set Design, LCM is currently studying BA (Honours) in Event, Exhibition and Performance Scene Design at Lincoln University.

Apart from designing stage set and costume for different art groups, LCM is also dedicated to integrating installation art and stage design. His works were exhibited at Soho House Hong Kong and Hong Kong Arts Centre.

In early 2022, LCM's collaborative work with Picture Rhythm Studio, was selected for the exhibition Beyond Territories - Made.Making by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects touring in New York, Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

He is now a freelance theatre practitioner and one of the co-founders of Serendipity Horizon.


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