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趙靜怡 Chiu Ching Yi

燈光設計 Lighting Design
藝術裝置 Installation Art

趙靜怡是一位熱衷於研究光 / 新媒介 / 身體 / 行為之間的可能性的人。



Chiu Ching Yi is passionate about studying the possibilities between light, new media, the human body and behavior. Her background as a theatre lighting designer and her day-to-day observations gives her the knowledge in the usage of light and the understanding of the human body as the most candid medium. That's why the starting point in her artworks has been the body as a data collector and the search for answers through day-to-day careful observation.

Ching Yi is keen on the fascinating possibility about lighting and art, and she is still responsible for theatre lighting design, technical coordination, production management and visual effects.



趙靜怡 Chiu Ching Yi
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