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胡皓嵐 Wu Hou Lam, Eagle

作曲 Composer
跨媒體藝術 Multi-media Art

舞台藝術及媒體製作工作者、微電影導演。查馬迪高斯劇團藝術總監、天域製作創作兼行政總監及 福戲網絡核心成員。先後畢業於香港浸信會神學院,主修教牧學及基督教傳播學 (研究碩士) 及香港 演藝學院音響設計 / 技術及音樂錄音 (專業文憑)。

多年致力推動劇場藝術與科技之結合,2001 年於「新城電台環迴立體聲啟播活動」中擔任音訊處理 工作;於 2021 年任《潘霍華的情書》之音響設計師,在文化中心劇場運用 d&b 聲音景觀系統,提 供劇場觀眾沉浸式音效體驗。

葉氏曾參與不同商業及大型製作,其中包括:「東亞運動會」(2009) 任現場運動展示導演、五月天 香港演唱會 2018《人生無限公司》及五月天香港演唱會 2019《Just Rock It 藍 BLUE》任人流及交 通監控技術統籌、《遙遙之城》(2018、2020) 任製作經理、香港藝術節《無限亮街舞對決》(2020) 任串流直播統籌及製作、香港藝術節 2021《鼠疫》(英文版) 任串流直播統籌及製作、「K11 Kulture Webinar」(2021) 任超過 30 集串流直播統籌及製作、《人圖》網上版(2020) 任製作經理、五月天香 港演唱會 2023《好好好想見到你》及《周杰倫嘉年華世界巡迴演唱會 2023香港站》任人流監控技 術統籌等。 

Andrew is a Hong Kong theatre and video production director, producer, and production manager. As the artistic director of Dramatikos and the founder of Teamwork Productions, he simultaneously engages in various specialties, including event management, video production, stage production, multi-media system design and installation, etc.

Yip graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) with a Professional Diploma, majoring in Sound Design and Music Recording. Before starting his professional engagement in media and performing arts production, he completed his studies at The Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary with a Bachelor of Arts, specializing in Pastoral Studies. He also graduated with a Master of Arts in Christian Studies, majoring in Christian Communication.

Andrew was involved in various large-scale events in Hong Kong, such as the East Asian Games 2009, as Programme Designer and Field Director, National Day and Chinese New Year Firework performances on the Tsim Sha Tsui Victoria Harbour (2009-2012), as Coordinator of musical signal cueing and transfer system.

His recent productions include Telematic Concert Zurich Hong Kong (2017), as Technical Coordinator for live production, Mayday Live Tour Hong Kong Concert (2018 and 2019 at Disneyland), as traffic and crowd control Technical Coordinator, Elisa Chan Private Music Room (2018), as Production Technical Coordinator, Maybe Tomorrow (2018 and 2020), as Production Manager, Hong Kong Arts Festival No Limits Concept Battle (2020), as streaming live Production Director, Hong Kong Arts Festival 2021 The Plague (English version), as streaming live Production Director, K11 Kulture Webinar (2021), as streaming live Production Coordinator (over 30 episodes), Our Atlas (2022), as Production Manager, Mayday 2023 Live Tour Hong Kong Concert (at Central Harbourfront Event Space), as crowd controls Technical Coordinator, Jay Chou Hong Kong Concert 2023 (at Central Harbourfront Event Space), as crowd controls Technical Coordinator, etc.



胡皓嵐 Wu Hou Lam, Eagle
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