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洪榮賢 Hung Wing Yin, Teresa

服裝設計 Costume Design
刺繡藝術 Embroidery Art
沙畫藝術 Sand Art


在學期間曾獲獎學金到英國皇家音樂劇院實習,並代表學院到「布拉格劇場設計四年展」參展及進行文化交流。畢業後積極發展其專業資歷,分別於法國香奈兒名牌刺繡學府Ecole Lesage完成專業法式刺繡課程及於倫敦時裝學院完成專業禮帽製作課程,及後於日本學習傳統日式絲繡及工藝,並於東京Inspire Space考獲和服導師執照。

擁有10多年的自由身舞台工作經驗,近年專注於香港發展,曾合作團體包括:小薯茄、香港舞台技術及設計人員協會、新視野藝術節、王菀之、神戲劇場、香港藝術節、香港話劇團、香港歌劇團、藝君子劇團及 Jing Wong Creations。

曾於 Limelight Costume Services Ltd. 擔任設計師一職5年,在職期間參與多個大型主題公園及海外製作,亦曾遠赴各地為百老匯音樂劇作服裝管理。

Graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Siuhung attained a Higher Diploma in Fashion and Clothing and a bachelor’s degree in Theatre Costume Technology. Currently she works as a freelance artist who designs, produces, and manages costume pieces for theatres. She has also been making embroidery art and sand art. 

During her studies, she was awarded a scholarship for an internship at the Royal Opera House in London. She represented the college to exhibit at the International Exhibition of Scenography and Theatre Architecture Prague Quadrennial and to take part in cultural exchange. 

Siuhung continued to develop her professional qualifications after her graduation. She attended a professional French embroidery course at the École Lesage in France and a professional hat-making course at the London College of Fashion. She also learnt traditional Japanese silk embroidery and craftsmanship in Japan and acquired her Kimono instructor licence at Inspire Space in Tokyo.

Besides working as a freelance in theatre for over 10 years, Siuhung has worked as a designer at Limelight Costume Services Limited for 5 years since 2015. During her tenure, she participated in large-scale theme parks and overseas productions including Universal Studios (United States, Japan, Singapore, and Beijing), Norwegian Cruise Line, Studio City (Macau), Disneyland (USA and Hong Kong), FOX World (Malaysia) and Hong Kong Ocean Park. She also participated as costume management in various overseas Broadway musicals including: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Japan), The King and I (Malaysia and Singapore), Reel to Real (Beijing), etc.

In recent years, Siuhung has put her focus back in Hong Kong. She has collaborated with groups including Pomato Studio Limited, HKATTS, New Vision Arts Festival, Ivana Wong, Dionysus Contemporary Theatre Limited, Hong Kong Arts Festival, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, Hong Kong Opera Company, Artocrite Theatre, and Jing Wong Creations.


洪榮賢 Hung Wing Yin, Teresa
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