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張力行 Cheung Lik Hang, Keith

佈景設計 Set Design

參與多個職業、業餘劇團及商業機構各項設計工作,憑《我的 50 尺豪華生活》獲第二十四屆舞台劇獎最佳舞台設計及第七屆香港小劇場獎最佳舞台效果。

作品包括影話戲 《我的 50 尺豪華生活》及《盛宴》、影話戲 CM Teers《青春禁忌遊戲》、《攻心》、拉闊劇團《莫扎特傳》、六四舞台《傷城記》及《王丹》、創典舞台《我們之間》(首演及重演) 、 近景魔術表演 The Ace Assembly《The Art Of Deception》佈景設計等。

Cheung works with various stage productions and commercial organisations. He received the Best Stage Design from the 24th Hong Kong Drama Awards and the Best Stage Effects from the 7th Hong Kong Theatre Libre with his work My Luxurious 50sqt Life.

Recent works include Cinematic Theatre The Feast and My Luxurious 50sqt Life, CM Teers Dear Yelena Sergeyevna & Anything But Friendship, Stage64 A Glimpse of Hope & Wang Dan, CD theatre Dinner with Friend (1st run & re-run), Close-up Magic Show: The Ace Assembly The Art Of Deception.


張力行 Cheung Lik Hang, Keith
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