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副主席 (內務)

Vice-Chairman (Internal Affairs)


Lam Hing Lun

2002 年起參與劇場後台及演出製作工作,2007-09 年間於香港舞蹈團任職助理舞台監督,及後以自由身舞台工作者參與不同類型舞台演出及項目製作,亦合組公司 QGO Production,分別出任監製、技術監督、製作經理及舞台監督等職位,亦為康樂及文化事務署文化節目組及娛樂節目辨事處的節目擔任技術統籌。2014 年起開始參與商業及大型活動製作,分別於不同公司出任全職或兼職技術監督或製作經理。

Lun has been working in the theatre backstage since 2002, mainly as technical director, production manager and stage manager. From 2007-2009, Lun worked as full-time assistant stage manager in Hong Kong Dance Company. He is co-founder of the QGO Production. From 2014, Lun started to work in the event management field. He mainly works as technical manager or production manager, for different types of projects, including commercial events, outdoor concerts and races, and more.

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