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Rita Ngai




Ngai Chun Ying, Rita

畢業於香港知專設計學院,修讀演藝造型設計。 2020 年參與《魔幻偶遇》製作大型亮燈戲偶,及於《渣打藝趣嘉年華》參與設計及製作可穿戴藝術作品。 2021 年曾擔任明日藝術教育機構助理製作主任,負責展覽及演出策劃。 同年參與舞台藝術作品包括《水滸英雄之亦症亦邪》、《賣火柴的小女孩》、《渺渺的秘密星球》,擔任服裝及佈景設計助理。



Graduated from the Hong Kong Design Institute with Costume Design for Performance. In 2020, she participated in the production of a large-scale illuminated puppet in "The Majestical Puppet Parade" and the design and production of wearable artworks in " Standard Chartered Arts in the Park ". In 2021, she was the Assistant Officer of MingRi Institute For Arts Education, responsible for exhibition and performance planning. In the same year, she participated in "The New Outlaws of the Marsh", "The Little Match Girl" and "Miu Miu's Secret Planet" as a costume and set design assistant.


She is now the assistant stage manager of City Contemporary Dance Company, responsible for the production of props and performance execution.

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