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葉俊霖 - 燈光編程及控制

Ip Chun Lam, Rachel - Light Programmer and Operator

2021 年畢業於香港演藝學院舞台及製作藝術學院,獲藝術學士(一級榮譽)學位,主修舞台燈光設計。在學期間獲頒Robe Lighting及憶達時等獎學金。


近期燈光設計作品包括影話戲《白色的影子》載譽重演;Singingholic《時光之門》;香港演藝學院製作《最好先生 Charlie Brown》音樂劇;《大刀王五》等。其他擔任助理燈光設計、燈光編程師及製作電機師的作品包括《曰城 City of 0》;香港藝術節《鼠疫》;香港話劇團《往大馬士革之路》、《四川好人》;新約舞流 《暮言·菁行》;一路青空《捽!捽!捽!神燈大冒險》等。



Rachel graduated with Bachelor of Fine Arts (1st Class Honours) Degree in Theatre & Entertainment Arts in HKAPA, majored in Lighting Design.


Her recent lighting design works are “White Shadow” presented on SF International Arts Festival, “INT immersive audio-visual music concert”, “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown“ Academy Musical, “Ng Wong the Swordsman” and “Sunset Concert 2020” etc.


Other productions she participated as a assistant lighting designer, production electrician and lighting programmer are as follow: “Road to Damascus”, “The Good Person of Szechwan” by Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, “The Plague” by Hong Kong Art Festival, “Go! Go! Mystic Adventure.” by The Radiant Theatre, “City of 0” by Machine & Art NOW, Per se “In an instance, Autumn came.” Concert and Panther Chan “Orange & Blue”Concert etc.


She is now a freelancer seeking for all possibilities in the fields of theatrical and stage lighting design including drama, musicals, concert and dance.

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