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顧嘉崙 - 影像設計(存檔 / 錄製)

Koo Jack Galen - Video Design (Archive / Recording)

Koo Jack Galen, Jack is a camera operator in an event production company, my work category includes live streaming, performances, competitions, music concerts, ceremonies. He had also filmed for the drammar《Bonhoeffer in Love》which hosted by Gospel Theatre Network. Jack holds an HD in Digital Music and Media from Hong Kong Design Institute.


顧嘉崙現職於一間廣播媒體制作公司擔任攝影師工作, 工作範疇包括網上直播, 表演, 比賽, 典禮。最近亦曾為福戲網路主辦的舞台戲《潘霍華的情書-給後世的情書》進行拍攝。畢業於香港知專設計學院修讀數碼音樂及媒體高級文憑課程。

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