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洪文寶 - 視覺藝術家
Hung Man Po - Visual Artist

洪文寶 - 視覺藝術家
Hung Man Po - Visual Artist



近年他亦發展個人作品和舉辦插畫展覽,展覽包括有香港職人故事「像我這樣一個港故佬」,講述香港消失了的品牌的「聽港」,以深水埗社區為主題的「浪蕩時光」和香港與吉隆坡兩地對照的「雙城記」,並與本地年輕職人合作制作手工書和Risograph孔版印畫 。


Hung Man Po has been involved in commercial graphic design for many years, always aspiring to express personal feelings and respond to society through art, seeking to rediscover the passion for life.

About a decade ago, he started carrying a "point-and-shoot" camera with him, wandering through the streets and alleys of Hong Kong for street photography, discovering interesting people, events, and objects. This process reconnected him with the neighborhood where he had lived for decades, leading him to realize the importance of connecting with the community and society. During this time, he also picked up the paintbrush that had been dormant for many years, incorporating his artwork into his art and design projects, developing his personal style of "Hong Kong Ukiyo-e," depicting the myriad human facets within the Hong Kong community.

In recent years, he has been developing personal works and organizing illustration exhibitions, including showcasing stories of Hong Kong artisans in “Hong Kong Story,” narrating the vanishing brands in Hong Kong in "Listen, Hong Kong," focusing on the Sham Shui Po community in "Age of Wonders," and contrasting Hong Kong with Kuala Lumpur in “Omi Cities.” He has collaborated with local young artisans to create handmade art books and risograph art prints.

His design and illustration works have earned him several awards, including the German IF Design Award, Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award, and Taiwan International Graphic Design Award, etc.

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