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插畫設計 Illustration
舞台設計 Stage Design
藝術教育 Arts Education


TRAVIEE熱衷視覺藝術,鑽研別具個人風格並融合於其不同範疇的設計,以鮮艷顏色及Pop art的藝術元素融入作品,其創作有一種令人會心微笑的感染力。曾分別獲香港藝術節及香港教育大學X保良局Art@School邀請為藝術家參與合作及獲邀為香港藝術節為本地藝術家。

TRAVIEE與多個藝團及品牌合作教育、創作、企業培訓及舞台設計包括香港教育大學、香港理工大學、香港大學、香港演藝學院、香港海洋公園、香港藝術節、香港話劇團、IFC、中英劇團、TVB, K11、Heineken、Artifier等。

近期作品包括香港藝術節X大館《璃屋》、MOOV會展演唱會、香港國際金融中心平台花園戶外藝術創作等。同時,TRAVIEE近年獲多個媒體以藝術家身份作個人專訪及藝術家專訪包括903 《你好野》《有誰共鳴》、deTour、無線電視、有線電視文化藝術節目、香港電台及香港01、經濟日報、100毛、METROPOP、CUP MAGAZINE等。

TRAVIEE is a multi-disciplinary art practitioner.  He obtained his Master of Fine Arts from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.  He has expertise in lettering illustrations, graphic design, stage design and performance, art education.


He is devoted to visual arts and has created his very own one-of-a-kind style of lettering art and illustrations - applying bright colours, bold and pop art elements.  His work is highly inspirational and is able to put an infectious smile on everyone.  He collaborates with a variety of brands and organisations, ranging from tertiary institutions to commercial brands.  Recent works include installation art for HK Arts Festival X Tai Kwun, stage design for MOOV Concerts, Artwork in Rooftop Garden of International Finance Center of Hong Kong, etc. 

TRAVIEE has been working as a teacher in visual arts for more than 15 solid years.  Currently, he is teaching students from kindergarten to tertiary levels, for instance, BA, BFA, MFA.  He undertakes workshops for staff development training for different organisations and renowned companies.

He was invited by different organisations to do sharing and interviews, including deTour, TVB, Cable TV, RTHK, HKET, HK01, 100Most, Cup Magazine, Adfocate, to name but a few.

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