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陳衍昊 Chan Hin Hou

音響設計 Sound Design

陳衍昊,喜歡以聲音傳達故事和情感,畢業於香港演藝學院舞台及科藝製作系,主修音響設計。在校時期擔任音響設計演出包括《火臉》、《三姊妹》。畢業後為自由身工作者。曾參與作品包括賽馬會藝壇新勢力《舞。獅》音樂及音響設計、舞鬥《X》音樂、前進進戲劇工作坊《聽搖滾的北京猿人2021》音響設計、小息《往山𥚃去》音樂及音響設計、「新戲匠」系列《西奧》音樂及音響設計、莊梅岩 x奇想偶戲劇團《車輪婆婆》音響設計、Theatre du pif《CLAIRE 空海之迴》音樂及音響設計、存播劇場《離地到著》廣播劇音樂及聲音設計、《杏仁豆腐心》音樂及音響設計。

參與音響工作作品《自由落體事件》、窮人誌《真實的謊言》及《真實的謊言》(自我審查版)、天台製作《復仇變奏曲》、前進進戲劇工作坊《午睡》及《鐵行里》、馬𠗕畫廊 Ellen Pau「The Great Movement」聲音裝置製作、香港藝術節《鼠疫》(粵語版)聲音剪接、【陳恆輝劇場作品影畫展 Cinematic Exhibition of Andrew Chan's Theatre Works】《卡夫卡的七個箱子》Seven Boxes Possessed of Kafka 拍攝收音統籌、前進進戲劇工作坊《案內人Hongkongshima》、前進進戲劇工作坊x法國埃梅劇團-《被縛的普羅米修斯》Prometheus Bound 執行聲音設計、紙背寫生《執行舞台》收音師。

Chan likes to transmit stories and feelings through sound. Majoring in Sound Design, Chan graduated from the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts, the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. During his study, he had designed sound for productions such as Fireface and Three Sisters. He has continued to work as a freelance composer and sound designer after graduation. His works include Jockey Club New Arts Power dance programme Contempo Lion Dance by Daniel Yeung, X in the Dance Off, The Phenomenon of Man Revolver 2021 by On & On Theatre Workshop, Our Land - Site Specific Transdisciplinary Audio-guided Performance Bus to the Wild by Little Breath Creative Workshop, The Open Platform: Theo by Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, "Cheers!" Series: Madam Sew by Fantasy Puppet Theatre.

Other composer/ sound design works include Free Falling Body, True Lies and True Lies (Self-censored version) by Poor Guy Diary, The Furies Variations by Rooftop Productions, Waking Dreams in 1984 and Tit Hong Lane by On & On Theatre Workshop, Claire by Theatre du Pif, Heart of Almond Jelly, A Metaverse Odyssey by Paprika Studio and Felixism Creation. Chan also involved in sound installation production in The Great Movement by Ellen Pau at Kian Malingue Gallery, sound editing and mixing for the Plague (Cantonese version) at the Hong Kong Arts Festival, video sound coordinator for Seven Boxes Possessed of Kafka by Cinematic Exhibition of Andrew Chan’s Theatre Works and sound coordinator for Jing Wong’s The Drifters.Chan also involved in film production recordist and sound mixing such as Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival, MicroFilm Music, Complex Chinese and music video productions. Chan recently release his original soundtrack for My Red Tower Drama Podcast by Podcasting Theatre on different streaming platform.


陳衍昊 Chan Hin Hou
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