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歐陽如思 Au Yeung Yu Sze, Karen

插畫設計 Illustration

畢業於澳洲墨爾本皇家理工大學,獲藝術學士學位。2013 完成中文大學的藝術文學碩士。曾入選海上動感藝廊比賽,以「三口人」組合展出作品《眼轆轆》在新渡輪上展出和獲 2007 夏利豪基金會藝術比賽「最喜愛藝術作品」奬。創作作品曾在香港、澳洲、賽爾維亞參與群展展出。


Graduated from the Bachelor of Fine Art at RMIT University of Australia, Yu Sze finished the Master of Arts in Fine Arts from Chinese University 2013. Eye (I) travel. Eye (I) see by 3 voices which is a group art project, is a selected entry of the Gallery Ferry Competition 2003 and also was awarded the winner of My Favourite Art Piece in the Philippe Charriol Foundation Competition 2007. She had involved some theatre projects as costume designer assistant, especially Adventures in Magic Forest 2018.

歐陽如思 Au Yeung Yu Sze, Karen
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