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Student Exhibition
(Hong Kong)

"Leaf's Vision"

A journey of imagination and dreams that each of us experiences every 21 years, a circulating journey of exploration, creation, aspiration, reality, pain, and awakening. A falling leaf takes only a few seconds to flutter from tree top to the ground, yet it has already gone through the above stages. Then it begins to rot when it reaches the soil, turns into a nutrient, grows as a new part of the tree and experiences the journey all over again.

Everyone had heard something that triggered our imagination from being grown-ups when we were young. Because when we were young, we faced things we didn't understand, and we used our imagination to fill in those blanks. What we don't know is that when we hear the words again when we have grown up, those words may wake us from reality and pain.

If you can catch the falling leaf, it will bring you luck!

人生是一個循環的旅程。每21年重複六階段。將經歷探索、創造、 願望、 現實、痛苦和甦醒。



Artist: Tommy CHAN, 陳朗峯
IG: @lionnchann

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