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Student Exhibition
(Hong Kong)

“One canvas, numerous imageries”

The transformational backdrop is a technique that presents multiple images in one cloth through different lighting conditions. It dates back to the 19th century when electric lights were accessible, and people were creating ways to do special effects on stage.
This was the topic for my graduation project at the HKAPA, my research question was, Could a transition in storyline be presented with a transformational backdrop? Inspired by the film The Truman Show, I want to depict the change of storyline, Truman going to the real world through the transformation of the backdrop.
This time, I chose a film from Hong Kong, 'Chungking Express' by Wong Kar Wai. The movie consists of two stories. The two seem unrelated but connected simultaneously, with different characters and stories, both describing the lonely inner world of people living in the dense modern metropolis of Hong Kong. The main character was not the people in the stories. It was the day and night of the city. The contrast of day and night was the transition I wanted to express through a transformational backdrop this time.

轉換佈景是一種通過不同的照明條件在一塊布上呈現多個圖像的技術。 它可以追溯到 19世紀。當時電燈已經普及,人們探索在舞台上製作特效的方法。
這是我在 HKAPA 畢業作品的主題。我的研究問題是,故事情節的轉變能否在轉換佈景下呈現? 受電影《楚門的世界》的啟發,我想通過背景的變換來描繪故事情節的變化,楚門走向現實世界。
這次我選擇了香港的電影,王家衛的《重慶森林》。 影片由兩個故事組成。 兩者看似毫無關聯卻又聯繫在一起,有著不同的人物和故事,都描述了生活在人口稠密的現代大都市香港的人們孤獨的內心世界。 主角不是故事中的人。 而是城市的白天和黑夜。 白天和黑夜的對比是我這次想通過轉換背景來表達的轉換。

Artist: Tsang Suet Laam, 曾雪嵐

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