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Student Exhibition
(Hong Kong)

“The Toy - Galaxy Traveler”
《玩具 - 銀河旅行者》

The person who is inseparable from you in all things in the universe is your partner. Everyone has his own dedicated toy partner; it will accompany you to grow up. He is your life mentor, your confidant friend, your indispensable and supporting backing partner ⋯⋯
The toy partner is my listener, listening to my troubles, understanding my thoughts, and experiencing the optimal and worst conditions with yourself .......
The toy, my wonderful partner, my dearest friend in my life ......

The Bunny is very fast. It runs from one place to the other and pays at a very high speed. She will take you into a toy world and will teach them everything. The ball represents the feelings and memories of the toy and the girl, and she will also plan to go to different planets and travel around the world on roller skates with the girl in the future.
The top decoration includes toys and the trajectory of the girl's adventure experience.

Find the actual world in your heart. So, the rabbit has no face, her facial feature is your inward world reflection.

宇宙萬物中與你形影不離的人,就是你的玩具。 每個人都有自己專屬的玩具夥伴,它會陪伴你成長。 他是你的人生導師,你的知己朋友,你不可或缺的後盾夥伴⋯⋯
她會以最快的速度帶你進入玩具世界,教給他們一切。 球代表了玩具和女孩的感情和回憶,而她也打算以後和女孩一起去不同的星球,騎著輪滑鞋環遊世界。

找到你心中的真實世界。 所以兔子沒有臉,她的五官是你內心世界的反映。

Artist: TANG Cheuk Yiu Inez, 鄧卓瑤
IG: @ineinezzz_tcy

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