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Student Exhibition
(Hong Kong)

“Being of Hong Kong”

This work is adapted from invisible cities. Through the observation of different forms of the city, it explores the relationship between the memory of the identity of the city and writes the story between itself and the city. It is hoped that the audience can connect with the story of themselves and the city through the work and discover the city. This work has compiled a lot, and the sights and sounds of me and the city are based on my first vision.
The essence of this city is a home.

此作品是透過invisable Cities 所改編,透過對城市不同形式的觀察作探索對城巿身份回憶的關係,譜寫自己與城巿之間的故事,希望觀眾能夠透過作品聯繫自己與城市的故事,發掘城市的本質
這個城巿的本質就是 一個家 。

Artist: KWOK Hoi Shan, 郭凱珊
IG: @hoishannnnnn_story

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