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Student Exhibition
(Hong Kong)


2020 has been in a state of anxiety and sadness, we all have emotions that are difficult to express in words or language, therefore we choose to present it with stage lighting, projection, music, and art installations, in order to release the inner world of NATP and the audience. Feel the stories that belong to Hong Kong people together.


Artists’ group: NATP

CHAN Ka Yee,陳嘉儀
HO Nga Yung, 何雅榕 @tomstephaniee
LAM Chung Hang, 林頌恒 @birdsinacge
SETO Ka Long, 司徒家朗 @clonglongtimeago
SZETO Tsz Chun, 司徒梓雋 @jasonszeto1103

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