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Student Exhibition
(Hong Kong)


Look, glance, peek, and aim
Survey, observe, look back, and scrutinize.

Capturing, scanning, adjusting, and filtering.
Recording, collecting, seizing, and sneaking.

Do you mind that ?
Do you aware ?

The gazes, stares, inspections, and peeping from them , you and me.
Formed an inseparably net.
In this intimate relationship, our desires and privacy are unintentionally revealing.
Invisible pressure, recklessly crossing the relationships and boundaries between people.
Bloody but unnoticed.

Peer 001:
<PEER> taking all the restlessness and confusion of this( dark and damp )city.Compressing them into a concrete block.To continue exploring how to cope (in 轉with ) this chaotic age.

Peer 002:
<PEER> monitoring the surveillance around. <PEER> exploring the space on the boundaries. <PEER> being frank and open, then...will probably be engulfed soon.

Peer 003:
<PEER> intuition or delusion? I do exist.


瞧 瞥 瞅 瞄

環顧 觀察 回眸 打量

擷取 掃描 調節 篩查

記錄 採集 。奪取 潛越


你 我 他的
凝視 注視 審視 和窺視織成天羅地網
無形的壓力 肆意輾過人與人之間的關係和界線
血肉模糊 卻無人問津

Peer 001
<PEER> 在陰暗,潮濕的小城市之中總總焦躁不安,迷惘的情緒都壓縮在水泥方塊裏,感受,探索於這個混沌的時代裏應該如何自處。

Peer 002
<PEER> 監視周圍的監視 。 <PEER> 一探界線的空間 。 <PEER>坦蕩蕩,然後...應該很快會被淹沒。

Peer 003
<PEER>直覺 / 錯覺 ? 我 確實存在

LEUNG Pak Lun Bryan, 梁柏麟
LI Ka Shing, 李嘉誠
NG Tsz Yan, 吳芷欣
TAM Wing Lam, 譚詠霖
IG: @peerpeerpeer2123

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