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Student Exhibition
(Hong Kong)


‘Pilgrimages’, as a group of exiles journeying away from the centre of Prague city, lifting a large piece of patchwork quilt that represents the heaviness of histories and countless blessings, just like a Greek chorus, on our way we will be singing different melodic fragments from nursery rhymes that represents the memories from homeland. It is an inviting journey to surrounding passersby, and also a celebration towards an unknown future despite their path and situation of being abandoned.



Presented by: Feast On Waste Land
Concept: CHUK Yin Man, LI Man Hin, SIU Ji Chin Jovita, TANG Adrianna Hiu Ching
Performer: CHUK Yin Man, SIU Ji Chin Jovita, TANG Adrianna Hiu Ching, WONG Ho Ming
Quilt (BaakGaaBou) Design: Tiff HO
Special thanks: CHAN Nga Ying, Magan HUNG, Lauren HUI
and all the audiences from Hong Kong Pre-show

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