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Student Exhibition
(Hong Kong)

“Jungle Journey”

The work "jungle journey" was painted by six students of the scenic art from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. They used the painting techniques of the Scenic art to paint different scenes, and the lighting design students gave the work a story.

As the scene and lighting change, the artist hope that the audience will be immersed in the work, fantasy into the work, and experience an interesting fantasy journey.



Scenic painters: Fung Sze Long Audrey, Lo Yat Han Bobo, Lui Wing Chuen Estella, Tusi Chin Wing, Lau Cheuk Ying Kylie & Sher Wing Chi
Lighting designers:Chill Chiu, Le Dinh Dat, Kenny Wong, Sarah Yu & Bear Ho

繪景師:馮思朗, 盧逸嫻, 呂穎釧, 徐千詠, 劉卓盈 及 佘穎芝
燈光設計師:趙家豪, 李定達, 王晉希, 余曉澄 及 何詠恒

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