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Student Exhibition
(Hong Kong)


"Time" is an art work made by six students of scenic art from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts . They use the production method "Applique" of scenic art to make the work. They build large-scale scenery work from different materials and are given by the students of lighting design to work a story.

With the change of lights, the audience can feel the morning, evening and night. The artists hope that the audience can feel the time flies in the work and give a space to the audience and think about the importance of time.



Scenic painters: Fung Sze Long Audrey, Lo Yat Han Bobo, Lui Wing Chuen Estella, Tusi Chin Wing, Lau Cheuk Ying Kylie & Sher Wing Chi
Lighting designers:Chill Chiu, Le Dinh Dat, Kenny Wong, Sarah Yu & Bear Ho

繪景師:馮思朗, 盧逸嫻, 呂穎釧, 徐千詠, 劉卓盈 及 佘穎芝
燈光設計師:趙家豪, 李定達, 王晉希, 余曉澄 及 何詠恒

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