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Student Exhibition
(Hong Kong)


As we grow older, we may get used to many things and then bury our own feelings. We began to ignore what happens within us and tried so hard to survive during the pandemic period. I was powerless to speak for myself, or maybe I was just too scared to step into the unknown.

At that particular time, an infinite of pictures entered my head, which evoked an ineffable sadness from my root bottom. It was such a mess, I had to visualize the pictures by making them out. On one hand, I was trying to ease myself through visualizing, the other was to figure out what was really down there.

Turns out I found that no matter what stage you are in, we may have actions in common. Step in, look into the world, and listen to yourself, what will be there? A person? A poem? A tree?

This is what appears in my head, I shared it with you truthfully, without reservation, and I hope you enjoy it.


LI Hon Tin Karson, 李瀚天
LI Siu Tung, 李肇桐
IG: @hontinli_theatre, @maurice_lst

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