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國家及地區展館 香港館

Prague Quadrennial 2023

Exhibition for Countries and Regions Hong Kong Pavilion​



香港館策展團隊重新思考本地劇場於過去數年的演出模式、面對突變時的應對,設計出一個多變的結構:可移動的牆壁、16格的可旋轉方格、留白的空間,盛載劇場設計藝術家「重新審視」過往的作品。以時延展覽(Durational Exhibition)為概念,香港館將在長達11天的展期內,每日固定於布拉格時間中午12時35分進行「I / O大轉景」,「換景」到下一組作品,「上演」新的作品。


Witnessing the tremendous changes and rare phenomena in the city and also the world in the past few years, the curatorial team of Hong Kong Pavilion has teamed up with 11 groups of professional theatre artists to “re-hear” and revitalize their previous works with an alternative perspective and approach.


In tribute to the unprecedented change in performance mode due to the pandemic, versatility and flexibility are the keywords in the overall concept of the Pavilion. A moving wall with 16 spinning blocks creates multi-functional space for the works to be re-heard. This durational exhibition will feature each group of artists with a performative “I/O Scene Change'' at Prague’s time 12:35pm everyday, swapping the artworks on a daily basis, during the 11-day period.

作​品 Artworks

Curatorial and Production Team
About PQ

策展人 Curators

李浩賢 Lee Ho Yin, Lawrence 

劉銘鏗 Lau Ming Hang, Sunfool

徐碩朋 Tsui Shek Pang, Allan

陳國慧 Chan Kwok Wai, Bernice


策展人/監製 Curator/Producer

羅妙妍 Miu Law 

監製 Producer

謝沅珩 Tse Yuen Hang, Denise

宣傳及行政統籌 Marketing and Administrative Coordinator

余穎彤 Yu Wing Tung, Enid 

製作經理 Production Manager

曾以德 Tsang Yee Tak, Joey 


展覧經理 Exhibition Manager

李綻容 Lee Tsan Yung, Agnes

展覧統籌 Exhibition Coordinators

朱嘉明 Chu Ka Ming, Sunny 

林朗峰 Lam Long Fung, Ronly

羅穎禧 Law Wing Hei, Heibe

李佩恩 Lee Pui Yan, Joanna

陳偉德 Chan Wai Tak, Eric

徐健雄 Chui Kin Hung, Ban

攝影及錄影 Photographer / Video Archive

李健偉 Lee Kin Wai, Max 

首屆布拉格劇場設計四年展 (PQ) 於 1967 年舉行,當時展覽名為 Prague Quadrennial Exhibition of Scenography and Theatre Architecture「劇場美學設計和劇場建築展」。隨著世界上對「劇場」定義的演變,自 2011 年始,展覽已改名為 Prague Quadrennial Performance Design and Space「演出設計與空間」。每個國家地區均會精心設計其展館,聚首一堂在布拉格一起展示各個地域的演出設計,涉獵範疇包括劇場空間、佈景設計,服裝設計、燈光設計、音響設計、多媒體設計等。此外,PQ 也是一個非常多元化的藝術節。自 1967 年開辦以來,透過展覽、藝術節、工作坊、演出、論壇、教育活動以及駐村等計畫,成為劇場設計頂尖作品的交流與教育平台。


The Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space was established in 1967 to bring the best of design for performance, scenography, and theatre architecture to the front line of cultural activities to be experienced by professional and emerging artists as well as the general public.

The Prague Quadrennial is globally known as a two-week event taking place every four years since 1967 in Prague, Czech Republic. This model has been evolving. More and more designers now understand PQ as a platform: a continual stream of activities and collaborations happening across the globe with many different partners, creative professionals, artists, researchers, and theorists. Each on-site festival of PQ is now a culmination of the efforts of the preceding 4 years: a celebration and an opportunity for performing arts professionals from around the world to come to one place and share their work, ideas, and thoughts during the quadrennial festival. We work towards making the 2023 edition once again an opportunity for many new and unique shared experiences.


While celebrating the diverse forms of performance design/scenography around the globe, the Prague Quadrennial strives to present it as an art form concerned with the creation of holistic performance environments, not just decorative backgrounds; these performative spaces creatively respond to current issues of our world, ask important questions, and invite us to participate in unique moments. Every four years, PQ’s central curatorial concept shapes the festival and offers its participants a fresh look at the artistic reflection of our times in performance designs and scenographies.

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