Marsha Roddy
舞台美學 Scenographer / 佈景設計 Set Designer /
製作設計 Production Designer / 服裝設計 Costumer Designer
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  • 從事藝術及設計逾30年

  • 為舞台、電影及電視設計佈景及服裝,此外亦參與建築項目、宴會時裝設計及表演藝術創作

  • 作品環繞空間、動作、質感,以及人類之間的相互連繫與表達

  • 於倫敦、阿姆斯特丹、洛杉磯及香港等地居住及工作,創作足跡遍及歐美與亞洲


  • 近期作品:《The Tempest Reimagined》、《Cube Culture》、《Fame》

  • An artist and designer for over 30 years

  • Designs set and costume for stage, film and television; works on architectural projects; conceives haute couture for events and creates pieces of performance arts

  • Her work explores three-dimensional space, movement, texture and above all how we, as humans, connect and express ourselves

  • Living and working in London, Amsterdam, Los Angeles and Hong Kong from where she has worked on projects across Europe, the US and Asia

  • Recent projects: “The Tempest Reimagined” (a production by Peta Theatre and the British Council, Manila); “Cube Culture” and “Fame” (by YAF, Hong Kong)



Design Concept

The idea of a transformative journey is central to the design of the musical “Melodia”. There is a real sense of moving from darkness and chaos into enlightenment. Melodia overcomes self-doubt and finds the courage to collaborate with others who help her on this perilous journey. There are moments of playfulness, seriousness and naivety in the musical, which I have tried to capture in the design. 




Prague is a wonderful platform to share our work as designers and to see how everyone else is working and developing their ideas around the world. As theatre design as a discipline is expanding and growing it is exciting to experience the new technologies, processes and collaborations.