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Joey Tsang
副主席 (外務)
Vice-Chairman (External Affairs)
Tsang Yee Tak, Joey


從事節目策劃及技術執行等工作超過 15 年,曾任多個團體及大型節目之製作經理、技術總監,積極參與不同形式的藝術發展項目,將藝術及社會連繫。包括舞台展覽設計、藝術展覽籌辦,建築設計,巡迴演出及多元藝術教育等。


2005-2007 年為康樂文化事務處駐場舞台監督。

2007 年加入中英劇團,擔任執行舞台監督,2015 年晉昇為駐團製作經理。

2015 年獲香港戲劇協會頒發 <最佳執行舞台監督> 推薦獎。

2017 年為香港城市藝裳計劃:樂在其中本地藝術家之一,設計及創作佐敦谷的藝術座椅。

2020 年加入尚制作有限公司,現為公司製作總監,負責統籌發展各項大型項目及展覽,致力把技術科技與表演藝術結合,建構出更多可能性。


Theatrical background, Stage and Technical Management Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Dedicated in executing technology into performing arts, also in bridging arts and culture to the public over 15 years, with experience ranging from theatre company, event production house, architecture designs to international festivals, in the positions of production manager, technical director, multi-design artist and educator, who loves to spread message by using different art form.

Specializing in the management side, experienced in combining extensive technical and art direction knowledge with an attention to detail and strong analytical skills. Prioritize communication with other workers to identify issues and come to resolutions.


She was a resident stage manager of LCSD Hong Kong Government (Ngau Chi Wan Civil Center / Tuen Mun Town Hall) in 2005.

In 2007, join Chung Ying Theatre Company as Deputy Stage Manager and year 2015, promoted as Resident Production Manager.

In 2015, obtain the “Best Deputy Stage Manager” Award from Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies.

In 2017, as one of the local artists of City Dress Up: Seats · Together. Presented by the LCSD, organized by the Art Promotion Office. Create and Design the set of Innovative seats in Jordan Valley.

In 2020, Join ONEvent Productions Limited as Project Director, responsible for creating and managing the projects and event, committed to integrating art and society, and find more possibilities.

She is now the vice-chairman (external affairs) of Hong Kong Association of Theatre Technicians & Scenographers.

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