World Stage Design 2013

World Stage Design is an exhibition of international performance design, initiated by OISTAT that offers a complimentary but alternative exhibition to the Prague Quadrennial, Distinctively exhibiting the work of individuals rather than countries. It was designed to be a truly international exhibition not located in one city, country or continent.
Beginning in 2005 in Toronto and then repeated again in Seoul in 2009, it was logical that WSD For 2013 should come to Europe, WSD 2013 will be held at The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama (RWCMD), in Cardiff, Wales, the United Kingdom. Cardiff is one of Europe’s youngest capitals, a small, vibrant, multicultural city situated just 2 hours by train from London but very much capital of an independent country, with a proud history and language.

It is the collective goal to create in WSD 2013 not only an exhibition representative of the work of individual designers, but to create a centre of activity, diversity, widening participation and multicultural exchange. It is of paramount importance to make this event relevant to the exhibitors, allowing them to reflect on their individual practice in the context of global developments, by meeting and sharing their work, their process and philosophy. It is also a key to allow a wider audience of students, teachers and the general public to experience and form a greater understanding of the work of those who create the performance environment. (quoted from: